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Tailor Made Jewelry By Lady Montezemolo

“Reversed” stones in Ludovica Andreoni’s new collection

di Mila Onder

(ANSA-News Agency) Unique pieces of jewelry, exclusively handcrafted. Collections in which nothing is standardized, but each piece is original and unique, inspired by the Italian tailor made tradition, and carefully handcrafted for each client. These are just a few ways in which we could define each jewelry piece designed and produced by Ludovica Andreoni, wife of Luca Cordero di Montezemolo. Over the years her passion has become a profession. Fascinated by jewelry since childhood – since she was two years old, she says – Ludovica, mother of three children, began to draw sketches after her second pregnancy, a little over 10 years ago.

Her business venture began with a professional partnership with the Ansuini family, goldsmiths of excellence in the Eternal City. Here, in the historic Palazzo Massimo the jewelers have their boutique, where they have received commissions from the Vatican over the years. And it is in this historical boutique, full of history and prestige, that Ludovica exhibited and sold her first collection.

After having worked alongside another master goldsmith of Italian jewelry, Damiani, Ludovica Andreoni then chose entrepreneurship and went from exhibiting and selling to a limited circle of friends, to creating a real business. It all started in 2007in Rome, with three goldsmiths who work on the entire production process, from the initial drawings to the finished product. Sapphires, rubies, emeralds and diamonds are the main actors of each collection, rigorously set in gold and with a wide variety of price ranges.

The goal is to offer an original and refined product for anyone who is willing to purchase something special.

To understand the designer and her vision all you need to do is to look at the new collection. 40 pieces that express the absolute uniqueness in the setting of the stone, that is reversed compared to the normal setting. “We decided to flip the jewel and leave the culet exposed – says the designer – and to embed the flat part of the stone instead.” A structure that creates a new perspective with a double effect: on one hand you change original colors of the stone, and on the other the radiance of the gemstone is somewhat dissolved. Although seemingly less striking to the eye, the piece of jewelry “acquires charm, creating a seemingly unwanted irregularity.”

But what makes Ludovica Andreoni’s jewels stand out is the ability to have items that are one of a kind.

The collection is being exhibited throughout Italy and Europe, but is also requested by customers in the U.S. and Russia although it is not readily available for sale. Each piece is specially produced for the single customer. Loyal customers can also bring their old jewelry to the Rome offices and have these melted and redrawn, obtaining a brand new jewelry piece to wear.

Founded more for passion than for business now Ludovica Andreoni’s business venture donates part of the proceeds to “Magia di un sorriso” a a charitable initiative that supports the renovation of the pediatric ward of the Policlinico Umberto I, one of the leading hospitals in Rome.