Bringing a collection to life

Each new collection begins with a creative process. It is on a blank “canvas” that the collection comes to life, where the different colors of gold and precious stones come together.
All of our jewelry is carefully designed for the client seeking perfection as well as style and comfort. The design is then passed on to the wax molder who creates a mold of the piece of jewelry. Once the mold is dry, the goldsmith will melt the metal and create each piece following the specifications and desires of the client. The master craftsmen will then finish up, setting the gems and refining the ultimate details.
During the whole production process, nothing is standardized or left to chance. We like to think of it as “tailor made” to our clients’ desires.
Every piece is handcrafted to perfection, followed in each step of production from start to finish, and this is why the result is a one of a kind piece of jewelry, crafted specifically for a unique woman.