2019/2020 Collection Exhibit

About the Designer

“I was born in Rome, the city where art and history constantly blend into one. Here, surrounded by the finest art and the finest jewelers, I have always been fascinated by jewelry and the radiance of the gemstones. This passion has ultimately become my career. Designing jewelry, imagining the rough outline and watching it come to life is the ultimate challenge for me. I want the result to be a piece of jewelry that will be recognized and chosen by a sophisticated, unassuming kind of woman who is willing to express her personality through very feminine and unique combinations”.

Ludovica Andreoni
Owner and Designer of L.A. Jewellery

The L.A. woman

“I like to think that the woman who loves my jewelry
is practical, unassuming, and chooses to be a daring
woman every day. She does so, also by wearing
a jewelry piece that can say something about her,
without taking anything away from her personality
at the same time.
The L.A. woman is fascinated by change.
She loves the warmth of gold, but she might
also choose to wear the bright light of a
sapphire for the evening”.

The Studio

The studio is located in the same building that also houses the headquarters of Ludovica Andreoni Jewellery, in Rome. It is an exhibition space of 200 square meters where visitors and customers can indulge in some quiet time and look at each jewelry piece as well as some of the sketches and sources that have inspired bracelets, pendants or rings. This is also the place where conversations between the designer and her co-workers are the first step towards new ideas, where brainstorming is set on paper to become a design and eventually a one of a kind object. And finally, this is where the close-knit team comes together: setting up the showroom always has a pleasant taste of achievement and of new challenges to come.

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